I’m T Michael Smith, I build tools that help developers optimize their value delivery.

In 2011 I moved to Nashville, like a lot of people, with aspirations in the music industry. I quit a regionally successful band that was continually rising to move to Nashville and do professional audio production. I started at MTSU in the audio engineering program and quickly found myself helping run a studio and a studio program for students.

After a couple years, burning out, and failing to progress in a very competitve degree program, I decided to look at more core engineering programs and found myself (through a different degree program) in love with programming. So, I switched my major (again) to Computer Science.

During my junior and senior years, I was a professional Web and Mobile Developer for MTSU releasing code for our student-focused Android application, writing the server-side PHP for the CMS, and in charge of the node.js server that ran the bus tracking software. I was also paving the way for an ADA overlay map to help students with disabilities find the most accesible routes around the campus.

After graduation, I started working at a medical software company called Medhost where I cut my teeth on my first truly enterpeise-grade software products dealing with insurance claim denial management, and later, with patient registration. I moved from there to the tech insurance mogul Asurion where I worked on a custom solution for the call center as well as a small and medium business (SMB) anti-virus and network firewall portal in collaboration with Verizon and Cisco.

Today, I find myself building solutions for the future of motorsports software across the globe with Toyota Racing Development.

I am passionate about helping others and building tooling to help developers deliver their value most efficiently to the companies they work for.

If I’m not at my computer, I am either in the kitchen, spending time with my family (wife, daughter, two dogs), or likely have my nose in a book.